Blog Posts in 2015

  • Revitalize Your Living Space with a Carpet Cleaning!

    || 1-May-2015

    When most households clean their carpeting, they limit themselves to vacuuming. However, the truth is vacuuming is the equivalent of sweeping a carpeted surface—not mopping or scrubbing one. Even worse, most household cleaning regimens are not powerful enough to properly clean a carpet and address stubborn stains—and those who do attempt it usually find themselves on their hands and ...
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  • It's Time for Spring Cleaning!

    || 23-Mar-2015

    Even in Southern California, many homeowners and renters are surprised to see just how dingy and worn their home has gotten during the winter months. As the days get longer, it becomes easier and easier to see that over the course of the holidays, your interiors have gotten trampled, scuffed, smeared, and neglected. Lucky for you, it's just that time of year to get your home in tip-top shape: ...
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